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A general practitioner apologized after sending a letter to patients with serious illnesses to complete a “do not resuscitate” form in case their conditions worsen due to the coronavirus.

In the note, delivered to people with life-threatening diseases, such as incurable cancer and motor neuron disease, Llynfi Surgery in Maesteg, South Wales, also said that filling out the DNACPR form (do not attempt CPR) ) had “several advantages”.

Llynfi surgery in Maesteg, South Wales, apologized
The Llynfi surgery in Maesteg, South Wales, apologized. Photo file

He said doctors, family and friends would not be able to call 999 if a loved one’s health worsened, and therefore would not use “scarce ambulance resources”, and would risk transmitting COVID-19 to others.

The letter was posted on Twitter, with a quote from a patient saying, “It made me feel worthless.

“I have been living with cancer for eight years and want to live a few more years.

“I’m not digging my grave yet. “

The note began by saying, “This is a very difficult letter to write for practice. “

He said that people with life-threatening illnesses were at a much higher risk of contracting the virus and were “unlikely to be offered hospitalization” and “certainly will not be offered a ventilation bed” .

He ended up saying, “We will not abandon you, but we must be frank about what the next few months have in store for us. “

Cwm Taf University Health Council said on Wednesday that the letter was not a communication from the Health Council and that the surgery apologized to the patients for causing “distress”, saying it was not was not their intention.

A spokesman for Cwm Taf said: “A letter was recently sent by Llynfi Surgery to a small number of patients.

“Surgery staff are speaking to patients who have received the letter to apologize directly and respond to any concerns they may have. “

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Another 563 people died in the UK after testing positive for coronavirus – bringing the total number of deaths to 2,352.

The deaths occurred Tuesday 24 hours before 17 hours, announced the Ministry of Health.

This is the largest increase to date.


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