Coronavirus: Families Warned Not To Book Summer Vacation Due To Persistent Lockout


Families have been warned not to book a summer vacation due to new questions about the coronavirus lockout.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps has admitted that he will not personally commit to a break as the Covid-19 closure continues.

“On travel advice – should you book your vacation? – it is clear that people will want to see what the trajectory of this disease is in the coming weeks, “he told the BBC.

“I won’t book a summer vacation at this point, let’s put it that way. “

The Association of British Travel Agents criticized Mr. Shapps’ intervention.

A spokesperson said, “It was a thoughtless, fact-free comment on what we know today about the future of the pandemic, but it shows complete disregard for the UK travel industry, the hundreds of thousands of people it employs and the struggle it faces in this current crisis.

“It would be better for the government to focus on taking the necessary steps to support the sector rather than undermining confidence in it.”

Shadow Transport secretary Jim McMahon said, “Families need the government to say when we can expect to break out of the lockdown and be able to start doing things like watching friends go on vacation.”

“People in the travel and vacation sector will be rightly concerned about the lack of government support for them during and after this closure.

“We need a clear roadmap to get out of this deadlock when the time is right, but also a long-term plan to help the jobs and industries that will ripple for many months come.”

Lib Dem’s acting chief Sir Ed Davey said: “Ministers must stop making spontaneous remarks that imply that they have insider knowledge about this crisis.

“Shapps’ comment will almost certainly be taken as an indication by some households that they should not plan for the summer either.

Lib Dem Acting Chief Sir Ed Davey

“Unless the government issues formal guidelines to this effect, ministers must avoid these remarks, which could have a negative impact on the travel and tourism industry, and worry families trying to plan for the future.” . “

Shapps also hinted at a gradual return to normal as restrictions are relaxed, saying, “There may be areas where we can ease things in the future, but there may also be areas where we still need to tighten things up. All of this will depend on medical advice. “

He added: “Obviously, in the extreme, it is unlikely that, just as we did not get into the lockdown all at once, we suddenly got out of it in one press release and everything comes back to normal .

“I don’t think anyone expects this in Britain. But you can then look at different areas and say, “Maybe these are the areas that can be relaxed first, maybe in other areas, we have to be just as strict as where we are now or even a little more stringent. ”

He retaliated against Labor Party leader Keir Starmer, who claimed that Boris Johnson’s recovery was that Covid-19 hampered an exit strategy.

Mr. Shapps called the statement “completely false”.

Car use has dropped to a 65-year low as motorists stay at home during the lockout, Shapps said.

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Coronavirus epidemic

The Cabinet Minister hailed the fewest vehicles on the network in six decades as proof that the message was hammered.

“As secretary of transport for the 21st century, I can now say that the level of car and road use is equivalent to 1955 and I must be the first secretary of transport in history to celebrate the idea that there are fewer cars on the road and there are fewer people using public transportation than ever before, “he told Sky News.


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