Coronavirus face cover: Los Angeles mayor orders workers and customers to use


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced on Tuesday evening an order requiring all residents to wear a face covering when visiting essential businesses in the hope that it will protect workers and slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Beginning at midnight Friday, residents must wear a mask, bandana or other type of cover over their nose and mouth when in grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, taxis, sailing vehicles and any other essential business.

“Cover up, save a life – it’s that simple,” said Garcetti.

In addition, starting on Friday, workers in essential businesses must wear face covers which business owners must either provide or reimburse workers for the purchase.

The ordinance does not require masks for clients or workers to be medical grade or N95 masks.

“All essential, non-medical workers required to wear these face covers must frequently (at least once a day) wash all reusable face covers, for the health and safety of themselves and others”, indicates the prescription. “Disposable face covers must be properly disposed of in the trash. “

However, Garcetti said that if residents see someone at the grocery store or in public wearing an N95 mask, they should not assume that the person is not following the order.

“There are immunocompromised people who have to wear these masks,” said Garcetti.

The mayor’s decision came on the same day that Los Angeles City Council discussed adopting a similar measure.

At a Tuesday meeting, Los Angeles city councilor Paul Koretz put on a bandana covering his nose and mouth and pushed for an emergency order to force Angelenos to wear some kind of mask each time they leave their home – although he stressed that there would be no punishment for failing. But the majority of council members balked at immediately advancing the plan, with some raising concerns about unequal access to the masks.

“Everyone has fabric at home. There are all kinds of different ways to do it, ”said Koretz. “There is nothing wrong with that. There is only one advantage. “

L.A. is one of the many places in California to need facials in public.

Carson City Council will discuss whether to require a face cover at its Tuesday evening meeting. The city’s disaster management board – made up of the mayor, city manager, deputy city manager and captain of the Carson station in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department – has already approved the measure .

The Lancaster City ordinance was approved on Friday.

“The city does not require a specific type of mask and certainly does not want to take it away from healthcare professionals who will need medical grade masks,” the city said in a recent update to residents. “We just demand that your nose and your mouth be covered; whether with a homemade mask, a bandana or a piece of cloth that acts as a physical barrier between your mouth and nose and the immediate environment around you. “

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco told residents on Monday that while the county requires them to wear face covers in public, the department would not put in place “any type of police state” in Riverside County.

MPs will also not stop vehicles or set up checkpoints for motorists, nor will they stop residents while they are out for a walk with their families. MPs will also not stop or give residents tickets just because they are not wearing masks, he said.

“I implore you, my fellow citizens of Riverside County, for your cooperation and your voluntary compliance with the orders given by our governor and county health official,” said Bianco in a video message on Monday. “If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for me.” Do it for my family. Do it for your family. “

Governor Gavin Newsom said last week that face covers are good for grocery shopping trips, but his administration has not told Californians to wear them outside.

“We are putting in place guidelines that if people want to cover their faces it’s a good thing and a better thing, in addition to physical distance and the order to stay at home,” said said Newsom. “We have been very clear: if you go to an environment where physical distance is almost impossible, for example, in a grocery store with small aisles and a long queue, we think it would be additive and beneficial to have a covering face. “

Times editors Kailyn Brown, Taryn Luna and Dakota Smith contributed to this report.


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