Coronavirus: Dr. Hilary Jones Criticizes Donald Trump’s “Crazy” Advice and Warns of Disaster


Dr. Hilary Jones criticized Donald Trump for his “worrisome” advice on coronaviruses, fearing that a “disaster” would hit the United States.

The President has suggested that potential new vaccines for COVID-19 be explored, including UV light and the disinfectant.

On Thursday, Trump bizarrely hinted that ultraviolet rays or “disinfectant injections” could be possible treatments for the virus, which is a global pandemic.

Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins discussed the comments with Dr. Hilary on Friday.

But the doctor was quick to criticize Trump and called his claims “worrisome,” visibly unable to believe what he heard.

Hello Hilary Jones, Britain, criticized Donald Trump

Speaking on GMB, Hilary warned of the consequences the United States faces as cases and death tolls continue to rise worldwide, while many refuse to follow the lock rules.

He also explained why the two vaccine options would not work.

Hilary told Ben and Charlotte about all the benefits, “Nothing at all, you know I’ve heard crazy things in my life, but it’s probably one of the craziest.

Donald Trump released new vaccine ideas at press conference

“Using a disinfectant and injecting it into the human body is not only toxic and highly toxic, but it would be useless.

“It would inflame human tissue and not touch the virus at all, which actually lives in human cells and not on their surface.

“So it is completely and completely crazy to suggest that. “

GMB Dr Hilary “worried” about Donald Trump’s advice

Hilary continued, “His other suggestion was to use the power of sunlight in the sense that some sort of sunlight inside the body would kill the virus.

“Again, the virus lives inside cells. It is true that the virus breaks down outside the human body under ultraviolet light from the sun, but inside the body, of course, it would do nothing, and how could you even get sunlight at inside the body? “

Regarding advice, he added: “It is really worrying because in the United States, they are headed for a disaster.

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Coronavirus epidemic

“We know that those most at risk are those suffering from obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, and their population suffers from these conditions.

“They weren’t properly blocked, people are rebelling and heading for disaster. “

Good Morning Britain is aired weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV.


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