Coronavirus: Doctor Warns British To Check Ingredients In Hand Wash Before Purchasing


During the coronavirus pandemic, people are advised to regularly wash their hands with warm water and soap, as well as stay indoors as much as possible and stand two meters from those with whom they do not live.

However, one doctor said that while washing your hands is the best thing to do, you should be careful when purchasing a hand wash.

Dr. Diana Gall, of Doctor-4-U online service, says the public should be careful with the antimicrobial ingredients triclosan and triclocarban when it comes to lathering.

Instead of using products containing these ingredients, she recommends washing your hands with a regular bar of soap and water.

She explained, “It’s great that people are trying to store antibacterial handwash. But it has been proven that certain antibacterial and antifungal agents that are added to certain products can have harmful effects on the immune system.

“Pay attention to triclosan and triclocarban on the labels before purchasing antibacterial hand cleaners.

“Powerful synthetic chemicals can strip the skin of useful bacteria that live there to protect our body and reduce the very important immune safety net. “

Triclosan and triclocarban are antimicrobials originally developed in the 1960s to target the growth of bacteria and are commonly found in consumer products such as soaps, detergents and toothpaste.

In 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the sale of antibacterial handwashes containing the two compounds.

Be careful when buying a hand wash (stock photo)

Although there has not been an official ban on products containing these ingredients in the UK, some brands have limited their use.

A number of brands of hand cleansers still contain it, so Dr. Gall advises everyone to always check the ingredients.

She adds: “During the pandemic, we must be extremely careful to protect our immune system and keep it as strong as possible.

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Coronavirus prevention

“Although these handwashing ingredients are not fatal, their daily use could break down your defenses, which could put you at greater risk of getting coronavirus.

“Even if you are not worried about the effects the virus may have on you, we must do our part to protect those who are most vulnerable.

“So continue to follow government guidelines and wash your hands regularly, but take some time to think about what you wash your hands with.”

“Using a simple bar of soap and water for 20 seconds will do the trick if you’re not sure and is cheaper than many brand name supermarket products. “


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