Coronavirus: deaths in UK hospitals reach 16,060 after death of 596 patients | UK News


Another 596 people died from coronavirus in UK hospitals – the smallest increase in almost two weeks.

The Ministry of Health announced the latest increase, with 16,060 people with COVID-19 – the disease caused by coronavirus – now confirmed to have died in hospital in the four countries of origin.

The NHS England has announced an additional 482 deaths in hospitals in England, bringing the country’s total to 14,400.

Scotland has killed 10 people, Wales has killed 41 and Northern Ireland.

Health authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland record their own daily figures, which may not add up to the government total as they collect their figures at different times of the day.

According to health authorities in each country of origin, the number of deaths in hospitals now stands at:

  • England – 14,400
  • Scotland – 903
  • Wales – 475
  • Northern Ireland – 194

The news arrives as a delivery of 84 tonnes of products that we desperately need individual protection equipment for frontline NHS staff has been delayed.

The cargo – which includes 400,000 surgical gowns – was due to arrive today from Turkey.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson was criticized after allegations that his government had missed a series of opportunities to reduce the impact of the coronavirus epidemic in February and March.

Disastrous warnings have been ignored by scientists – according to a Sunday Times investigation – and the UK has lost “five crucial weeks in fighting the dangerous threat of the coronavirus despite its dangerously poor pandemic preparedness.”

The document also pointed out that Johnson did not attend the first five emergency meetings in anticipation of the UK epidemic – this was confirmed to Sky News in early March.

But the Minister of the Cabinet Office Michael Gove replied on Sunday, saying to Sophy Ridge of Sky, “The idea that the Prime Minister skipped meetings that were essential to our response to the coronavirus, I think is preposterous. “

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