Coronavirus Crisis Stops Vital Cancer Care, Doctors Say | News from the world


Cancer treatments have become a zip code lottery and many patients are not receiving life-saving care as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, doctors warned.

Leading oncologists have stated that even category 1 and 2 patients, the highest for continuous treatment, do not receive chemotherapy.

The NHS said non-emergency operations should be suspended so hospitals can focus on fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, and NHS England guidelines state that cancer services should continue to provide care. However, it also calls for “local solutions to continue the good management of these cancer control services while protecting resources for the response to the coronavirus”.

Professor Karol Sikora, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Rutherford Health, which operates oncology centers, said that the advice provided by the NHS England on cancer was reasonable but was “implemented inconsistently” in all the countries.


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