Coronavirus crisis: Florida failed to identify Pinellas County nursing home with nearly 30 cases of COVID-19


PINELLAS COUNTY, Florida (WFLA) – A COVID-19 outbreak in a Pinellas County nursing home is exactly what worries loved ones. For days, 8 On Your Side Investigates pushed the state to reveal the names of establishments with COVID-19 cases.

We calculated the figures only for the Tampa Bay area.

As of Thursday morning, there have been 14 COVID-related deaths in these facilities and many more.

Despite an outbreak, Florida still refuses to name the infected establishments.

Barbara Namias’ mother lives in the Nursing Pavilion at Freedom Square Seminole, where nearly 30 cases are located.

“This governor must rise to the occasion,” said Namias. “It blocks the disclosure of information about the facilities that contain the coronavirus and the number of patients. “

Cases are skyrocketing in long-term care facilities, according to data released by the Florida Department of Health.

In Pinellas, there are 62 cases. In the Manatee, there are 46 cases. Polk and Sarasota each have 25 cases on Thursday morning.

“I think it is outrageous that nursing homes are not voluntarily disclosing this information,” said Florida Senator Gary Farmer. “They hide behind these laws by not disclosing their coronavirus situations in real time. “

Although the state released the figures, they refuse to release the names of nursing homes with positive cases.

Senator Farmer is one of the legislators who is now pushing the state and nursing homes to be more transparent.

8 On Your Side Investigates has repeatedly asked state authorities to disclose this data.

“We are working with the governor’s office,” said Senator Farmer. “They have worked with us on a number of different issues and I hope they will rethink their position on this issue. “

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