Coronavirus: Covid-19 epidemic stabilizes in the United States


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Cases in hot spots like New York seem to be stabilizing, experts say

Experts from the White House Covid-19 task force say the coronavirus epidemic is beginning to stabilize in the United States.

Dr. Deborah Birx said there were good signs that the epidemic was stabilizing, but cautioned, “As encouraging as they are, we have not reached the top. “

President Donald Trump has also said he expects the United States to see fewer deaths than the original estimate of 100,000 dead.

To date, the United States has more than 475,000 confirmed cases and nearly 18,000 deaths.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, US chief of infectious diseases, acknowledged that the United States “was beginning to see stabilization and decline” in cases and deaths, but added that despite “significant progress”, the Mitigation efforts such as social remoteness should not be pulled back already.

Dr. Birx noted that the rate of increase appears to be stabilizing in hard-hit regions like New York, New Jersey and the city of Chicago.

She added that the death rate in the United States is “significantly lower than that of many other countries, when you correct them for our population.”

But she said the nation has yet to see the peak of the epidemic. “We have to keep doing what we did yesterday, the week before and the week before because that is what will ultimately lead us to the other side of the summit and the other side. “

The Washington State Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation predicted that the number of deaths in the country would peak on Friday and then begin to decline.

The governor of New York – the world’s epicenter of the virus – said on Friday that the latest data shows that the state is succeeding in “flattening the curve”.

Despite 777 new deaths in New York on Thursday, patients requiring intensive care hospital stays had declined for the first time since the crisis began.

“Even if it is a grind, even if it is difficult, we have to stay with it,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo, warning that it was still too early to relax measures of social distancing.

Earlier in the day, Dr. Fauci told CNN officials that they are currently discussing whether to adopt immunity certificates for Americans who had survived the coronavirus safely and had antibodies in their blood. to prove it.

The certificates may “have some merit in certain circumstances,” he said, adding that antibody tests will be available next week.


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