Coronavirus: comforting thank you notes left on the bins to show their support


Kind-hearted people posted comforting thank you messages in their trash cans to show their support for the men and women still working during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dozens of people joined Bishop’s Stortford’s effort to show their gratitude to the people on the garbage trucks who continue to work daily to collect garbage.

Almost every home in The Stewarts, a dead end in the city of Hertfordshire, has posted a thank you note on their black bins.

The dustmen arriving on Stortford Street were so touched by the gesture that they briefly stopped to take photos on their cell phones.

Joe Connolly got the idea and said it was “the least we can do”

Hearty residents in the Stewarts cul-de-sac left thank-you messages to garbage workers

One binman said, “It’s so beautiful.

“We are very grateful to everyone.

” Thank you very much. “

Joe Connolly, who came up with the idea, said, “I often see binmen working and they have to rush to meet the tight schedules given to them.

“They’re not paid much and are doing well for us at best, so I thought it was the least we could do on our beautiful property, that is to say ‘thank you’.

Notes started to appear on bins and in windows thanking hard-working teams

Men and women in the trash can continue to collect garbage daily during lockdown

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Coronavirus epidemic

“I understand that they even stopped briefly to take photos of some of their phones on their phones, which is very touching.

“The community really comes together in these difficult times.

“There are lessons we can learn from all of this and we will be better for it. “


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