Coronavirus: Celebrate milestone birthdays when locked


The rallies and celebrations planned for the milestones have been canceled across the country because people are following instructions to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But some have found other ways to make their special days special despite the lockout.

“Let’s celebrate we will”

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Jen Hardy


Jen Hardy and husband Roddy celebrated their daughter Carys’ 21st birthday at home

When Jen Hardy was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer three years ago, she did not know if she would see her daughter Carys turn 21 or celebrate her own 25th wedding anniversary.

Now, these milestones have arrived – only to have his plans wiped out by the coronavirus.

But the Edinburgh woman, 52, said she was happy to always be there to celebrate.

Jen said their initial plan was to have a small family celebration for her Carys’ 21st birthday. Then she and her husband Roddy were to take their daughter to Bergamo, Italy for a special celebration.

“Instead, we hosted a Zoom family party for her,” said Jen.

“We all got dressed, drank a glass and a birthday cake, and sang a happy birthday to him. It was lovely. “

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Jen Hardy


The family participated in a Zoom evening for Carys

Jen and Roddy’s plans to mark their silver wedding anniversary next month by renting a house for a celebration with their extended family had to be canceled.

“It is really a shame that our plans could not have happened, but I am so happy that I am still here to celebrate these two events because in 2017 I was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer,” said Jen .

“At the time, I didn’t know if I would see my daughter turning 21 or reaching our special anniversary.

“So for me and my family, being there and celebrating these events is just the best. Yes, we had to change the way we celebrate – but celebrate we will. “

“Surprised at all the hassles”


Loal Community Members Wish Alfred Walters Happy 100th Anniversary

Black Watch veteran Alfred Walters celebrated his 100th birthday with a difference.

The resident of Bridge of Earn was a World War II soldier, serving in Burma, Africa and the Middle East.

Alfred’s 100th birthday party was canceled on Thursday due to the coronavirus outbreak, but he was still honored by his former regiment.

Alistair Duthie, who was a pipe major in the Black Watch for 20 years, played pipes for Alfred outside his house.

He was joined by dozens of community members who came together to wish him good luck while keeping a safe distance.

Alfred, whose family was with him, said, “I am surprised by all the commotion, but thank you very much. I was never a hero, you know. “

“I didn’t feel sad at all”

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Heather Potten

Heather Potten, who lives in Joppa in Edinburgh, said she was very touched by everyone’s efforts to celebrate their 60th birthday on Monday.

She said, “I came out of my house and the neighbors were there behind the door to sing happy birthday, and their children had gifts and pictures of rainbows for me.

“Then I went to the supermarket and when I got back, I found a brilliant gift of binoculars on my friend’s doorstep.

“More neighbors yelled at me for a happy birthday and left me a carrot cake in my garden, and then I did a Zoom party in the evening.

“So I didn’t feel sad at all. “

Mrs. Potten had to cancel her intention to visit her partner in Yorkshire for her birthday. She also postponed a birthday meal with friends and a vacation in France with her best friend, who is also 60 years old.

Said, “I was unhappy to be 60, but now I think how lucky I am to have such good neighbors and friends. “

“My emotions were everywhere”

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Lynne Coats


Lynne in the outfit she planned to wear for her birthday meal

Lynne Coats, who lives in Bonnyrigg in Midlothian, said her 40th birthday seemed “surreal” under the lockdown.

“I had planned a meal with 15 friends and I had reserved for my sister and me to have our hair and make-up done,” she said.

“The day itself was a little different and seemed surreal.

“My children made breakfast for me in bed and my husband opened a bottle of champagne. “

Lynne said it was difficult not to see her friends on her birthday.

“My emotions were everywhere, but my husband told me that there were much worse people.

“I will have dinner after the lockout is over and go on a city vacation my husband gave me as a gift and the night at the Gleneagles hotel my sister bought me. “

“We all live this together”

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Bruce MacGregor


Bruce MacGregor has planned a joint party with his wife Jo de Sylva

Bruce MacGregor, who plays in the group Blazin ‘Fiddles, has resigned himself to canceling the joint 50th birthday party with his wife Jo de Sylva in June.

He said, “We were going to have it on our Bogbain farm in Inverness with a lot of groups and about 300 guests, because that was where we had our wedding.

“I think the moment has been lost, so we will not reorder another date for him in the future.

“Instead, my wife said that she would bake a cake and that we would have a very quiet day. “

Bruce said he originally thought he would be nervous about the effect the coronavirus had on his business, but that he had changed his perspective.

“We are all going through this together, so this is not the end of the world,” he said.


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