Coronavirus can spread by talking or breathing, scientists warn


Coughing and sneezing may not be the only way to spread the coronavirus through the air, according to a scientific panel.
New research presented to the White House on Wednesday suggests that the new coronavirus can be spread by the fact that one person is talking to another closely or even breathing. Results were reported after learning that state-mandated mask guidelines were under discussion by the Centers for Disease educate american citizens wear protective equipment as a “new standard” in everyday life.
“This letter answers your question about the possibility that [coronavirus] could spread through conversation, in addition to sneeze / cough droplets, “wrote Dr. Harvey Fineberg, former dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, in a letter to the White House on Tuesday. »The possibility that [coronavirus] could spread via bioaerosols generated directly by patient exhalation. “
“While the current [coronavirus] specific research is limited, the results of the available studies are compatible with the aerosolization of the normal respiratory virus, “added Fineberg.
Fineberg told CNN that he would start wearing a face mask, which can be made of plain fabric instead of professional equipment, when he leaves home to shop for groceries.
Although the CDC has claimed that people’s exhaled air droplets are only 6 feet, results from an MIT researcher suggest that the virus can travel up to 27 feet, and a recent study by the Rocky Mountain Laboratories of National Institutes of Health said the virus could remain airborne “for hours.”
“If you generate an aerosol of the virus with no circulation in a room, it is conceivable that if you walk around later, you could inhale the virus,” said Fineberg. “But if you’re outside, the breeze will probably disperse it.” “


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