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Brian May says it is a “national disgrace” that doctors and nurses are dying on the front lines of coronaviruses.

Talking to Sarah-Jane Mee on her new podcast In This Together, Queen’s guitarist said NHS staff struggling with COVID-19 pay the price for years of neglect.

Talk about health care workers risking their lives to save others during the coronavirus epidemic, May said, “I just want us to take better care of them. I want them to have appropriate PPE [personal protective equipment] and I wish they were better equipped.

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“Unfortunately, the NHS was destroyed for many years before this happened. And that’s the price we pay. The real life of these wonderful people who put themselves in danger every day.

“I cannot believe we have lost doctors and nurses, it is a national tragedy and a shame.

“Thank goodness we have woken up and we can give them the support they need. I hope they will have everything [they need]. “

Looking to the future, May added, “And I hope that by the end of that they will get a living wage apart from anything else. “

In an effort to raise funds for charity and popular minds, May joined forces with London’s all-female rock group King’s Daughters for their latest single Get Up.

Brian May plays guitar while socially outdistancing on the roof. YouTube / Get Up
Brian May plays guitar while socially outdistancing on the roof. YouTube / Get Up

The uplifting track was recorded during lockdown, with fans from 44 different countries sending clips from their cellphones to make the video.

The video also features a little cameo from May’s wife – former EastEnders actress Anita Dobson.

The full interview with May is included in Sarah-Jane’s podcast In This Together, which aims to celebrate uplifting moments during the coronavirus epidemic.

Sarah-Jane wants to celebrate the great and the good of this crisis

Fleur East and King’s Daughters, lead singer Talia Dean, also join the chat podcast.

#InThisTogether is available on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Kings Daughters’ Gt Up, produced by and starring Brian May, is now available – and 10% of every song purchase goes to Mind Mental Charity.


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