Coronavirus: Betsi death report delays investigation


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Betsi Cadwaladr Health Council reported 84 deaths in North Wales Thursday

The record of the number of people who died from a coronavirus is under investigation after a Welsh health unit did not release figures on a daily basis.

Betsi Cadwaladr’s board of health reported 84 deaths in the North Wales region on Thursday.

It looked like Wales had seen the biggest daily jump in confirmed deaths to date – 110 – but it included Betsi’s figures which were for a whole month.

The board of health said the delay was due to problems with its notification system.

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said that if the deferred reports “do not change the bigger picture,” it was important that “accurate information” be released and that the system be investigated.

Earlier on Friday, another 110 people in Wales were confirmed dead by a coronavirus – bringing the total number to 751 – by Public Health Wales (PHW).

The sudden increase in the number – from 17 additional deaths reported Thursday – included 84 deaths retrospectively confirmed to be linked to Covid-19 between March 20 and April 22 in the Betsi Cadwaladr area of ​​North Wales.

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The council said in a statement, “Details of the number of deaths in North Wales were first reported publicly today.

“Due to issues identified in our notification system, today’s update includes an accumulation of cases where a patient died when he was also positive for Covid-19.

“All of the data on covid-19 cases and deaths has been recorded correctly, and the problem identified relates to how these data are shared. This problem has now been resolved. “


Plaid AM Sian Gwenllian said there needs to be an “urgent explanation” to explain why there had been a month of underreporting

Plaid Cymru’s assembly member Sian Gwenllian for Arfon said the delay in reporting the deaths was “alarming.”

“A complete picture of the epidemic is essential to maintain public confidence and to inform ministers of crucial decisions such as any relaxation of the lockdown,” she said.

Drakeford said the whole system is currently under investigation so the government can “confidently” say the figures released “represent an accurate picture in all parts of Wales” .

PHW has repeatedly warned that the number of deaths may be higher than the numbers have shown, as they included only deaths officially reported to them, those who died in hospitals and certain care homes and whose the tests were analyzed in the laboratory.


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