Coronavirus: Argentina bans sales of commercial flights until September 1


A departure monitor at Rosario Airport, Argentina. Photo: March 26, 2020

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Argentina has been locked out since March 20, immobilizing many flights

Argentina has banned all domestic and international commercial flights until September 1 due to the deadly coronavirus epidemic.

Authorities have said airlines should not be allowed to sell tickets for flights that may not take place in the next four months.

Aviation industry groups have said that thousands of people may lose their jobs.

Argentina closed its borders to non-residents in March, imposing strict quarantine measures.

The country currently has nearly 4,000 confirmed infections, with 192 deaths, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

What did the Argentine government say?

The country’s national civil aviation administration released a decree on Monday prohibiting the sale of tickets for commercial flights to, from, or within Argentina.

He described September 1 as a “reasonable” date.

The agency added that the decree was aimed at preventing airlines from issuing airline tickets not approved by the Argentine authorities.

What was the reaction?

The international aviation agency, Iata, sent a letter to the Argentine government, saying that the decision violated bilateral agreements and threatened more than 300,000 jobs in the country.

Meanwhile, Alta, a group lobbying the interests of airlines in Latin America and the Caribbean, said the decree was not “agreed with the industry.”

Many countries in South America have stopped commercial flights, but none have extended the ban as long as Argentina.

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