Coronavirus: Apple pledges to ship medical face shields a million a week


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Scottish chief doctor resigned Sunday after revelations, she had twice challenged the government’s own coronavirus advice to make weekend visits to a vacation home. Catherine Calderwood announced her resignation just hours after Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said at a press conference that it was vital that she stay on.
Number of coronavirus death in Turkey rose to 574 on Sunday as the government invited millions of people to request weekly free mask deliveries. A total of 73 people have died from Covid-19 in the country in the past 24 hours, the Turkish Ministry of Health said. The number of confirmed cases increased by 3,135 to just over 27,000.
357 others have died in French hospitals coronavirus, but the rate of increase in those who need intensive care has continued to decline. The total number of people who died in French hospitals was 5,889. 2,189 people died in institutions such as nursing homes, which means that the total number of people who died in the country was 8,078.
Number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada has surpassed 14,000, the country’s public health agency said on Sunday. The number of cases increased from 12,924 per day before 14,426, an increase of almost 12%. Meanwhile, the death toll rose to 258 from 214, with the highest proportion of deaths among those aged 80 and over.
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar will return to work as a doctor as the country steps up the fight against the coronavirus, promising to work one day a week in the health services while leading the government.
The Berlin authorities have backtrack on accusations that the United States has requisitioned and hijacked a shipment of masks destined for the Berlin police, claims which have strained the already delicate relations between the United States and Germany.
European governments have started preparations to ease blockages imposed across much of the continent to contain the coronavirus pandemic, although the restrictions that have crippled the economy are expected to remain in effect for several weeks.

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