Coronavirus: answer to 11 questions on stimulus, economy and unemployment


The US economy appears to have changed in a matter of weeks, as the coronavirus halted activities across the country. Not only has the United States not anticipated the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus, but it does not appear to be prepared for the economic consequences of controlling the pandemic.

Most Americans already know that they are in a very different economic reality than they were in February. The restaurants are closed or only offer take-out or deliveries. The clothing stores are casing. The economy as a whole has lost their jobs. Even workers whose jobs may be more stable are unlikely to want to watch their 401 (k).

Government officials have made the conscious decision to lock out parts of the economy and implement strict social distancing guidelines to try to better respond to the pandemic. President Donald Trump first said he would like to reopen the economy by Easter to avoid further damage – perhaps thinking it better to just keep the economy going and let the chips fall where they can – but people are not going to fall on their own to go to a restaurant in the event of the spread of a deadly virus. Trump finally backed down and extended social distancing measures until the end of April. After all, the purpose of the economy is to serve people, not to serve people.


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