Coronavirus: Amazon builds its own staff test lab


Amazon employees handle the equipment

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Hardy Wilson / Amazon

Retail giant Amazon announces the construction of its own coronavirus testing laboratory to monitor the health of its staff.

Covid-19 cases have been reported in more than 50 Amazon locations in the United States. Some have involved several infected workers.

The company said it had assembled a team to build its own “incremental testing capability”.

Amazon staff previously criticized the company for its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In March, Amazon fired a New York warehouse worker who staged a protest over the company’s lack of security measures.

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Hardy Wilson / Amazon


Amazon says team gathers equipment for test lab

Later, a note from a meeting of Amazon executives was released. He said: “We should spend the first part of our response explaining clearly why the organizer’s behavior was immoral, unacceptable, probably illegal, in detail, and only then with our usual worker safety talking points. . “

“Regular tests”

Amazon blogged that it had made more than 150 “significant process changes” in response to the coronavirus.

“Our operating sites and grocery stores distribute masks to employees and perform employee temperature checks,” the company said.

“The next step could be to regularly test all employees, including those who have no symptoms. Regular global testing across all industries would contribute to both the safety of people and the recovery of the economy. “

The company recognized that testing resources were limited and therefore assembled a team of employees to develop its own installation.

“We have started to assemble the equipment we need to build our first laboratory and hope to start testing a small number of our front-line workers soon. We do not know how far we will go in the relevant time frame, but we think it is worth a try, and we are ready to share all that we learn with others. “

According to the Bloomberg news site, at least one Amazon facility is under investigation by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, fearing that it has not done enough to protect employees.

The Pennsylvania warehouse receives the manufacturer’s products before sending them to smaller Amazon warehouses in the United States.


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