Coronavirus: 10 public transport workers die after being tested positive for COVID-19 | UK News


Ten public transport workers have died in the capital after being tested positive for the coronavirus, said London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Khan said they had all died in the past few days, eight of them bus workers, one for Transport for London and one for London Underground.

The mayor of London said Monday afternoon, “They are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as my condolences to their families.

“It actually reminds us, one of the heroic frontline workers is the transport workers.

“We have 25,000 bus drivers, over 25,000 people working for Transport for London, doing their best to make public transport work for the key workers who need public transport to get from home to work and come home. “

“The NHS, those who work in our food stores, the police, the fire department. “

Khan added that despite a record number of staff members due to symptoms of COVID-19, almost 90% of the buses still run with more than 55% of the metro trains.

The mayor of London also reiterated the message that people should only use public transport if they “really really need it” and should stay at home when possible.

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