Cooking Mama: Cookstar pulled from Switch eShop amid accusations of mining cryptocurrency


Cooking Mama

Update: Since this story broke on the weekend, people speculate that the reason Cooking Mama: Cookstar was removed from eShop due to the fact that it exploits cryptocurrency using the processing power of switch owners who download it to their systems. When the game was first revealed, the developers mentioned blockchain technology – a fact that inspired these recent accusations.

The developers have now responded to these claims (thank you, Nintendo Everything), and point out that the claims regarding blockchain technology used in the game were “hypothetical”:

As developers, we can say for sure that there is no cryptocurrency or data collection or blockchain or anything else in the code. The Nintendo Switch is a very secure platform, with no data and privacy issues associated with some mobile and PC games. This is a February 2019 release, and we assume that most of the blockchain releases are hypothetical. Blockchain was never discussed for us developers and we were amused to hear about it in late 2019. It won’t happen anytime soon.

We are now seeing reports that suggest the code was removed before launch and this could be the main cause for the removal of the game from sale:

Original story [Sat 4th Apr, 2020 05:30 BST]: Cooking Mama seems to have disappeared. According to a long IGN report, his new game – Cooking Mama: Cookstar – was published on the US Switch eShop last week, but has since been removed. This extends to several other regions, including the United Kingdom and Australia, and allegedly applies to copies of the physical version in certain regions.

At the time of writing, if you search for the game on the Switch eShop in any of these regions, no results are found. We even looked at several eShop ourselves and got the same result. If you try to find the game on the Nintendo website, only old entries from the series appear.

Physically, the game is listed on GameStop, but is currently not available for purchase. In Europe, several retailers such as GAME are taking pre-orders and the release dates are everywhere. Meanwhile in Australia people appear to have been able to acquire physical copies of the game, and it is also available for purchase on the EB Games.

All of this is a bit messy and has led fans – like the one above – to contact Nintendo of America’s Twitter account to find out what’s going on. IGN speculated that there could be publisher, developer and classification issues with the game, and that it may not even be a legitimate version. Crazy, right? It doesn’t help that the game is Twitter account has been inactive since March 27.

Tell us – have you found a physical copy of the new Cooking Mama game? Were you able to download the digital copy when it was available on the eShop Switch? Leave a comment below.


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