Conor McGregor sends warning to Tony Ferguson


Conor McGregor has warned Tony Ferguson that he will face Justin Gaethje for the interim UFC light title on May 9.

McGregor spoke to Ferguson on Instagram on Friday afternoon, shortly after Ferguson made a statement pushing for the canceled UFC 249 card – the original setting for his fight with Gaethje.

“Hahahajaj. You will be bet on the absolute pulpy core when I have you, kid. “

While it is clear that McGregor is threatening Ferguson, it is not entirely clear what he means. We can probably assume that by “bet” it means “beat”. As for the term “nucleus pulposus”, a quick Google search reveals that it is the “inner nucleus of the vertebral disc”.

So it’s probably safe to infer that McGregor is telling Ferguson that he intends to beat him very severely if they fight.

McGregor and Ferguson have long been two of the best lightweights in the world. McGregor previously held the undisputed division title, but was ultimately stripped for inactivity. Ferguson, meanwhile, briefly held the Division’s Interim Lightweight Belt, which he won with a defeat by Kevin Lee.

Despite the time McGregor and Ferguson have spent at the top of the lightweight division, they have never shared the cage before. In fact, they were never even reserved to fight against each other.

As mentioned above, Ferguson currently has his hands full with a scheduled title fight with Justin Gaethje, which serves as a consolation prize after his planned fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov has failed for the fifth time.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor doesn’t have a fight book, but will likely be working on it when the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

What do you think of McGregor’s comment to Ferguson?

This article first appeared on 04/17/2020.


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