Conor McGregor explains why it’s never too late to change your life


UFC superstar Conor McGregor highlighted the changes he has made in his life in the past two years, saying it is never too late to change your life.

Two years ago, at UFC 223, McGregor suffered from the lowest point in his MMA career by throwing a cart through a bus window, causing a chain reaction of negative effects. McGregor dealt with a number of legal matters outside the cage over the next year, not to mention an unbalanced loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 and the subsequent suspension of a brawl after -fight against the team of his rival. There is no doubt that McGregor’s 2018 and 2019 are the years he wants to forget.

But two years later, McGregor really made a difference. He eliminated Donald Cerrone at the main event of UFC 246 in what was a return to form for the former UFC champion in two divisions and has since become one of the most eloquent voices in the coronavirus pandemic in his native Ireland. Although McGregor was not well liked during a two-year stretch, he really made an effort and is as popular as ever.

Writing on his Instagram, McGregor explained how he had made changes in his life and how those who wanted to make a change could do it themselves.

Conor McGregor: I handed over all my powers to me and this order was followed. It is never too late to invoke our powers and advance on higher ground. Never, never too late! Whatever stage we are at. There is always a higher power and there is always a higher ground. Good luck! The cover photo was taken behind the scenes after my last fight. Thank you @fightersonlymag Hard work. Focus. Dedication = results!

What do you think of the personal transformation that Conor McGregor has experienced in the past two years?


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