Connor McDavid sends love and support to teammate Colby Cave and family


McDavid and the Oilers send love and support to teammate Cave


Edmonton Oilers attack Colby Cave has a lot of support as he remains in a medical coma at a Toronto hospital after undergoing surgery earlier this week for brain bleeding. One of the people in his corner is a team captain Connor McDavid who held a videoconference with the media on Thursday and asked fans to keep his teammate and friend, and his family, in their thoughts and prayers.

“This is devastating news, Colby is such a strong guy, he’s a good boy from Saskatchewan and he’s as tough as they come and if anyone wants to get away with it, it’s going to be Colby CaveMcDavid told the media during a conference call. “I think all the fans out there and everyone should keep Colby, Emily his wife and the whole family in their thoughts and prayers and send them good vibes. We can just think and pray that it comes out and pray that the family can also get out of it. I can’t imagine how hard it is for them. ”

“Colby is a guy who is so well loved in our closet and I am sure he is well loved in any room he has gone to, he is such a good guy. You just pray that he wakes up and the family is OK. “

Oilers players also came together to contribute $ 100,000 to the Oilers Entertainment Group (OEG) to help support COVID-19 in the community.

McDavid says he and his teammates are happy to be able to contribute and wish they could do something sooner.

The 23-year-old former coach 1 was also asked about the lottery project and said there would be something he would have done differently the night the Oilers won the right to select him during the draft. 2015.

“If I had to start over, I wouldn’t have gone to the studio,” said McDavid. “It was something we originally hesitated about and it turned out to be a good reason. It would be one regardless of the team chosen. Obviously, Edmonton was one of the possibilities and we were surprised and people thought I was upset and made a big deal about it, which was not at all the case. anything, if I could start over, I certainly wouldn’t have gone to the studio. It was definitely a crazy day for sure. “


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