Confirmation of positive COVID-19 cases among Bluewater Health employees


Nearly a dozen Bluewater Health workers tested positive for COVID-19.

Communications chief Julia Oosterman said Thursday afternoon 11 hospital workers were confirmed to be infected with the virus.

“This is of course an unfortunate event,” said Oosterman. “Our target was zero, which of course would put us, you know, in a unique circumstance, no one else in the world has experienced it. But of course, our wish is that none of our employees will ever be affected by our professional life and what goes on in their day job. That said, it is unfortunate, but anticipated. “

Oosterman said COVID-19 knows no social and economic boundaries and is found in all parts of the population and this includes healthcare workers.

“To date, we have 11 employees who have been positive. We believe four of them contracted the virus in the hospital at work and the other seven probably contracted it in the community. All of our workers are currently at home recovering. We know that over 80% of the population who suffer from it, recover very well without additional intervention necessary, even more than that, they will have mild to moderate symptoms. So we are doing very well, ”she said.

Lambton Public Health reported on Thursday that the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases had increased from nine to 128 while the number of deaths remained at 11. Institutional outbreaks have been reported at Landmark Village retirement home in Sarnia, and more recently in the county- run Meadowview Villa on the Petrolia line.

Health care consultant Sudit Ranade said that determining whether the number of cases at Bluewater Health was considered an epidemic required further investigation, which is underway.

“I don’t know when we’ll be able to say for sure,” said Ranade. “But it is certainly not as simple as saying” there is a case of COVID and therefore the hospital is an epidemic “because you expect that there will be cases of COVID-19 there low. “

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