Conclusion of the Byfuglian saga


At times like these, it’s easy to forget the NHL transactional situations that were going on when the league decided to suspend their season, but even if no games are played, work is done for them. conclude. Such a situation revolved around the Winnipeg Jets and Dustin Byfuglien, which included all the hallmarks of good drama – lack of communication, loads of frustration and withholding large sums of money.

Byfuglien, 35, seemed to be leaning towards retirement at some point during the last season, but when he did not choose that route and simply failed to show up for Jets training camp, he was eventually suspended by the team without pay. The veteran defender opted for ankle surgery in October without involving the team, which only complicates matters.

For months, reports have suggested the two sides are nearing a settlement over his remaining salary, but nothing has been officially announced by either party. Last night on TSN’s insider trading, Darren Dreger explained that all of this could soon come to a head:

It is coming to an end, but obviously, given the news, it is not top priority for all parties involved. What I do know is that the National Hockey League is expected to discuss the situation with the Winnipeg Jets in the very near future. Now the Players’ Association, the league, the player and the Winnipeg Jets are all aligned in the termination agreement, but it has not yet been executed and because of this, the Winnipeg Jets are not able to advertise. The detailed work between the league and the Winnipeg Jets is expected to be resolved in the near future.

While it is unclear what type of agreement will be executed in terms of payment, it will mark the end of Byfuglien’s tenure in Winnipeg. Whether he plays NHL hockey again in the future will depend on him, but you can bet there will be at least lukewarm interest if he touches free will. To be clear, Byfuglien would not be eligible for the 2019-20 playoffs with a new team, no matter the time.

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