Concerns Raised as Covid-19 Cases Increase Along the Irish Border | News from the world



Infection rates also increased sharply in Monaghan, which has an incidence of 570.2, and in Louth, with 463.2.

The regional push put a close look at the border and diverging responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Authorities on both sides of the border downplayed suggestions for overflows, which would raise serious political issues and questions about coordination between the two jurisdictions.

“The level of infection in Cavan and Monaghan has nothing to do with people coming from across the border,” Heather Humphreys, Irish Minister for Business, told Virgin News on Wednesday. “There is no evidence to suggest that. “


It has linked the outbreak to outbreaks in nursing homes and Cavan General Hospital, as well as an increase in testing in residential healthcare facilities.

Tony Holohan, the Irish chief medical officer, said at a press conference in Dublin that he did not think there were any spillovers or that the variation in infection rates was significant. “It’s a disease and you get regional concentrations. “

Michael McBride, his counterpart in Northern Ireland, subscribed to a press conference in Belfast, saying that the spread of the disease had been “largely similar” in the two jurisdictions.

However, some experts have questioned official statements and expressed concern over divergences in coronavirus strategy on the island, with Northern Ireland taking the lead on Downing Street.

Gabriel Scally, president of the epidemiology and public health section of the Royal Society of Medicine, said that an overflow was the most likely explanation for the borderline outbreak.

There was an urgent need for more information from counties in Northern Ireland like Armagh and Fermanagh, he told Irish News, describing pandemic data in the region as a “black hole”. .


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