CNN’s Brooke Baldwin shares an essay on her recovery from a coronavirus


CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin After his battle with the coronavirus, an emotional essay was written, retracing his struggles and sharing his path to recovery with his followers.

The reflection, released Sunday, featured Baldwin sharing vivid details and personal antidotes about his fight with Covid-19.

“Under the influence of the coronavirus, at the end of each day, I often cried, unable to ward off the feeling of terror and isolation that I felt about what was going to happen.

I was fighting constant aches. In the evening, I got into the habit of climbing into the bathtub for 45 to 60 minutes just to try to use hot water to distract my skin from the overall pain that would start in my lower limbs – the kind of pain that would only two extra strong Tylenol could possibly dull. With hindsight, my sense of time seems distorted and inaccurate. Some days crawled slowly and tortuously, while others disappeared without memory in my memory, lost in the washing of emotion, sleep and illness.

And then I got sick and lost my ability to do my job. I was too sick to even continue the Instagram series from my bedroom. I was suddenly cut off from my goal, and even isolated from my own husband, left alone to test the virus. Like so many others. ”

CNN’s Baldwin colleagues to many Twitter users welcomed the recovery of the anchor:

CNN host Press room with Brooke Baldwin announced on April 3 that it had tested positive for Covid-19, which was followed by a surge of support from fellow journalists and colleagues.

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