Client claims Canada Line car overcrowded during morning disruption


TransLink responded to a customer who said that Bridgeport station was overcrowded this morning due to an outage on the Canada Line.

Maciej Wawszczak tells Vancouver is awesome that he had to change trains at Bridgeport due to the track problem and that he was crowded.

“Translink could not be reached by telephone within a reasonable time,” he writes.

Wawszczak adds that there was no one inside the train to monitor social distancing. He adds that “TransLink failed in the social distancing guidelines because the passengers had to stand. “

In response to his statement, Ben Murphy, spokesperson for TransLink Media, told V.I.A. in an email that the transport agency makes every effort to ensure a physical distance on board all modes of transport.

“Canada Line has seen the number of users decrease by approximately 85%, which has resulted in a much greater physical distance for customers on board,” said Murphy.

“During this unplanned outage this morning, we deployed additional staff and bus services to limit congestion and assist with any additional passenger volumes. “

Following COVID-19, many Vancouver metropolitan residents spend the majority of their day at home. However, a number of front-line workers continue to interact with the public on a daily basis, including health care workers, grocery clerks and, of course, transit workers.

Although TransLink has implemented a number of changes to protect its employees and the general public, transit operators and attendants are in danger of providing essential transportation to people in the Lower Mainland.

Find out how three transit workers are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic here.


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