City officials: No, you don’t have our blessing to be outside on Easter weekend


City authorities implore Londoners to suspend family reunions and stay at home this Easter weekend – even if it’s tempting to be with the people you love – to slow the spread of COVID- 19.

London police, city hall and the public health department have all issued reminders before the long weekend, reiterating the restrictions and sanctions in place to slow the virus. There are now 170 cases in London and Middlesex County, including eight deaths.

“We know this is a special weekend for people, and we want them to enjoy it, but with caution,” said Mayor Ed Holder.

“Avoid large family reunions and meetings of friends and meetings of faith. Do it differently this year, for the good of your family and friends. “

He stressed that Londoners have a chance to save lives just by following public health advice to stay at home, unless it is absolutely necessary. This involves avoiding walks with friends or activities with neighbors.

Holder lambasted the “ridiculous” behavior of a group of golfers caught encroaching on a London course to play a few rounds, and those who tore off a warning tape from a playground.

“I worry about those who break the rules. Last weekend, 21 people were charged with inappropriate activities in our parks and recreation system, “he said.

Basketball fields, skate parks, playgrounds and all other outdoor recreation facilities are closed indefinitely. All gatherings of more than five people are prohibited – including those in private homes – except when there are more than five members in the same household. And only essential businesses, such as grocery stores, can stay open, although virtual offerings like online stores can continue.

The extreme measures are aimed at stemming the wave of COVID-19 cases and preventing hospitals from being overwhelmed and increasing the number of deaths.

People who flout the rules could face fines of $ 750 to $ 1,000. The sanctions imposed on businesses and corporations are even more severe. London police chief Steve Williams suggests calling family or friends.

“Unless absolutely essential, we strongly encourage you to stay at home only with those who reside in your current home. Although it has been said that the Easter bunny is an essential service, family reunions outside the home are not, “he said in a statement.

Many religious services are broadcast online so that people can still participate in their religious traditions. Christians celebrate Easter on Sunday and Jews began to celebrate Passover on Wednesday evening. The party ends on Thursday, April 16.


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