CIA, FAA, France and Rita Wilson warn against taking chloroquine, a COVID-19 option now politicized


President Trump “cannot organize rallies at this time because the coronavirus would threaten the lives of its supporters, and Politics 101 does not kill your constituents,” Stephen Colbert said on Tuesday. Last show. “So Trump turned the press briefings of the coronavirus at the White House every day into these little rallies”, and “he outdid himself” on Monday with “a crazy, emotional, misinformed and propagandist press of two and a half hours ” conference. “

Trump was angry at the revelations detailing his “well-known public failure to take the coronavirus seriously, so he forced the assembled press to watch a video of his alleged success of the coronavirus,” said Colbert. Trump’s video “jumped all February” and when CBS Paula Reid pointed it out, Trump jumped. Colbert filled in the blanks.

The Daily Show also recreated Trump’s February loss.

Toon on the news has detected a pattern in the belligerence of the Trump press.

Trump “really did report on a press conference yesterday – he was almost foaming,” said Jimmy Kimmel. In addition to attacking the press, Trump has also bizarrely chosen to fight with the governors for his so-called “full” right to call for the reopening of the economy, contradicting decades of republican orthodoxy, said Kimmel. You cannot embrace “state rights” and “the full authority of the federal government at the same time. It’s like Thanos is hosting an Iron Man themed birthday party. ” He watched one of Trump’s “incredible” tweets: “Not only is he threatening not to help states with federal aid – with our money – the captain of Mutiny on the Bounty, at the end of this film, was found unfit to direct. “

Trump is eager to restart the US economy as soon as his historically false instincts say it is time, Trevor Noah said in his speech. Daily social distancing show. But lucidly, “America doesn’t really need to rely on the President’s instincts here. The governors are the ones who have locked their states, and the governors are the ones who will decide when to open the states. “

“When Trump heard that states were going to decide whether or not to reopen their economies, whatever he decided, he quickly reminded people that his business cards could say president, but you better treat him like the king,” Said Noah. “But the truth is, Donald, if you are not there for the battle, you will not be able to lead the victory parade. Look below. Peter weber


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