Chris Matthews admits “inappropriate” behavior


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Early March, when the Democratic primary was still the biggest news in the country, the anchor MSNBC and Hardball host Chris Matthews announced – in the middle of a program the day before Super Tuesday – that he was retiring, with immediate effect. The brutal timing left the network with no permanent replacement in place, but there was a reason for the rapid exit: a few days before Matthews’ sudden retirement, GQ posted a story from journalist Laura Bassett in which she accused Matthews of making inappropriate comments about her before an appearance on her show, saying that he came up to her while she was putting on makeup and said things like “Why didn’t i fall into it? you still love? “And” Keep putting on makeup, I’m going to fall in love with her. “

the GQ The song also accused Matthews of having “a tendency to objectify women in its orbit” and noted that he was reprimanded in MSNBC for the same. His retirement was already in preparation, but the timing suggested that everything had been accelerated by the GQ piece, which Matthews himself has basically confirmed now. In an appearance on Vanity Fair’S Inside the hive Podcast, Matthews confirmed Bassett’s account, admitting that “it is inappropriate in the workplace to praise someone for their appearance” and to add: “I said it.” He also points out that he did not “discuss” or deny the allegations. “I accepted the credibility of the complaint in the article,” he said. “I didn’t want to challenge the person who filed the complaint and wrote the article,” adding that writing it in the first place was “highly justified.”

Bassett tweeted about Matthews’ admission, saying she liked him for “recognizing him.”


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