Chris Eubank Jr slams the “moron” Billy Joe Saunders in a scathing attack against a former rival


Chris Eubank Jr called Billy Joe Saunders’ longtime enemy “moron” and “dumb” in a scathing rant on social media.

There is no love lost between middleweight rivals, who met in a 2014 fight that Saunders won over a point-sharing decision.

Saunders has been in hot water several times since then, his latest antics have been suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control.

The Hatfield-born star was heavily criticized for a video he posted on social media that appeared to show him giving advice to men on how to hit their partners.

Eubank Jr is the last person to weigh on Saunders by expressing his anger on Twitter.

Saunders criticized for video that appeared to tolerate domestic violence
Saunders criticized for video that appeared to tolerate domestic violence

He fumed: “So @bjsaunders a battered woman, COVID-19 hoax, drug abuse, police pretending to be Moron … oh yeah paid a vulnerable woman to hit an innocent man in the face too.

“How many more chances is this idiot going to have before his license is taken away for a long time.” “

Saunders is already facing a long spell outside the ring already after the BBBC has suspended its license until a future hearing.

The WBO super middleweight champion was in line to face Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez this year, but the fight now looks uncertain.

Saunders promoter Eddie Hearn condemned the behavior of his fighter and said he was “dismayed” by the nature of the video, which appeared to tolerate domestic violence.

The 30-year-old has since apologized for his actions and has pledged £ 25,000 to a charity against domestic violence.

Eubank Jr criticized Saunders as
Eubank Jr criticized Saunders as a “moron”

In his apology, he explained how he received death threats for his actions, adding, “It was a stupid mistake. I would certainly not be promoting domestic violence.

“My sense of humor is not everyone’s cup of tea. “

But Eubank Jr believes that the BBBC should throw the book to Saunders and believes that the fighter gives a bad reputation to his professional colleagues.

Saunders and Eubank Jr met in the ring in a tight competition in 2014
Saunders and Eubank Jr met in the ring in a tight competition in 2014

In a separate tweet, Eubank Jr added: “As fighters at the top, the kids admire us, copying what we do inside and outside the ring.

“Having @bjsaunders as a boxing representative is an injustice to all women in abusive relationships and to the children who seek to learn from us as ambassadors. “

The incident started a few weeks ago for boxing, which also saw Scott Fitzgerald, a super welter, suspected of assault after an argument with his ex-girlfriend.

Fitzgerald – who also signed with Hearn’s Matchn Sport agency – posted on social media detailing his arrest.

He said, “Your f *** da at the police station. Twenty-four hours in a cell is shit. “

In another video message, he added: “Yesterday I was arrested after a kick-off with my ex-partner and his family. “

Police investigations into the incident are continuing.


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