Chris Cuomo updates viewers on the battle for coronavirus


CNN Chris Cuomo continued to host the show after being diagnosed with coronavirus this week. Monday night he ended his show by updating viewers on how he was doing and what he wanted people to know

“Here’s the secret to eliminating this virus. It’s not a pill or potion. It’s your will and dedication, “said Cuomo. “The virus wants us to go to bed. The virus wants us to take it. Aside from a few blessed ones, all of us who get it will have an experience unlike anything they’ve had, days and waves. The old notion of “going to bed and staying there when you get sick” sounds good. And if you’re really against it, you should do as little as possible. I was here. Trust me, I know, but you can’t stay there. “

He went into detail on how he felt on Friday night, saying at one point that he felt like he was “not going to do the show tonight, I’m done.”

A doctor spoke to Cuomo and, told the CNN anchor, gave some advice on how “you have to do things to beat this virus.”

“It’s not like channeling Rocky or‘ Eye of the Tiger, “he said. “You have to do things to defeat this virus. You have to breathe deeply when it hurts, and I know it hurts. I’m not trying to minimize anyone’s pain. When you have a fever spike and it hurts, he said you can’t trust it will go down. There will be peaks for at least ten days when you have a fever. “

Cuomo said he wanted to keep working as long as he could because “it’s a way for me to help – there must be a purpose for it.” “

“I want to write everything. I want to talk to you about it later, ”he said. “I want you to get easier than me.” “

You can watch above, via CNN.

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