China is losing the geopolitical battle of the coronaviruses. Unfortunately, the West is also


The Chinese government has launched a high-profile campaign to provide medical supplies to European nations as they fight their own national coronavirus epidemics. But despite all the noise that Beijing makes about its “medical diplomacy”, it is difficult to see how many new friends it has gained.

So far, expressions of gratitude have come from predictable places, while Chinese critics have focused on the unreliability of Chinese data or conspiracy theories put forward by foreign ministry spokespeople. It is not clear that China is winning the geopolitical conflict around Covid-19. Unfortunately, neither is the United States, which leaves a dangerous vacuum at the top.

But although China may not win this tale, it is strengthening at home, creating a context that will leave Beijing well-positioned to present itself as a prosperous government compared to others in the world when the nightmare runs out. term of lust -19 has passed.

This will have repercussions on the future behavior of China and on regions of the world which were already inclined towards Beijing. China may not be gaining new geopolitical space, but it is consolidating at home. This will make him even more assertive in the future.

One narrative that has caught on in public discourse is that China has increased medical aid in a cynical attempt to use the current chaos to gain new influence. Countries like Italy are described as being abandoned by their European brothers while the sympathetic Chinese arrive with help and gifts, in a clear geopolitical “victory” for China.


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