Cher Lloyd says music bosses tried to force her into false romantic relationships


Cher Lloyd claimed that the music bosses tried to force her into a fake romance with another celebrity to increase her fame.

The 26-year-old singer rose to fame on The X Factor ten years ago and landed a contract with Simon Cowell’s Syco label after finishing fourth in the seventh series of the long-running talent show ITV.

And despite going to the top of the charts with his first single in 2011, Cher says he was asked to go out with another star to boost his profile.

However, the star rejected the suggestion and said that it is false goes against the very nature of her personality.

Cher Lloyd says music bosses tried to get her into fake relationships to improve her profile

“They gave me a few suggestions but it was just a crazy thing to ask,” Cher told the Sun.

“Unfortunately, it always happens. It still happens these days – that it’s always OK to try to make a young girl do something like this to jumpstart her career, “she continued.

“I will never be this girl, I will never be this girl,” continued Cher.

Cher and Craig Monk have been married since 2013

“I write music, I publish music and I don’t have hidden agendas,” she added.

Dear Mom Dear Cher married her boyfriend and hairdresser Craig Monk in November 2013.

The couple welcomed their daughter Delilah-Rae in May 2018.

The couple welcomed their daughter in May 2018

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Cher is back on the music scene with a brand new single called Lost which was released on Friday.

The singer has teased fans six years late since the release of her latest album, Sorry I’m Late, released in May 2014.

His eagerly awaited third album to come will be titled M.I.A – although no concrete release date has yet been shared.


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