Chelsea stars agree to 10% pay cut after WhatsApp chat confrontation


The Chelsea players agreed to cut wages by 10% to allay the club’s financial concerns during the coronavirus crisis.

Blues skipper Cesar Azpilicueta was at the center of the confrontation discussions between the stars on WhatsApp, where they signed the deal.

Azpilicueta then sent an SMS on behalf of the group to confirm the reduction, which will save Chelsea £ 10 million over its four-month period.

All Chelsea players were quick to respond to Azpilicueta’s initial message proposing the cup – which will continue through the summer until September – and are receptive to the decision.

This follows director Frank Lampard who volunteered to have 25% of his salary tied up in the future to help the effort – a savings of £ 1.25 million on his £ 5 million contract sterling per year.

Azpilicueta (L) led discussions with Chelsea teammates
Azpilicueta (L) led discussions with Chelsea teammates

The Sun reports that the Chelsea stars were not interested in arranging clauses regarding the reimbursement of money through things such as obtaining Champions League qualifiers.

Similar stipulations have prevented crucial discussions between the players and the Arsenal club.

The negotiations between the Chelsea chiefs and the players would have been more hospitable.

This was greatly helped by director Marina Granovskaia’s decision to also take a 25% pay cut, in line with that of Lampard.

In addition, players understood the need to save money after Chelsea published a financial loss of £ 96 million in its latest reports.

As with concerns at Arsenal, however, Chelsea players want assurances that the club will not use savings to finance new entrants to the transfer market.

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A source told The Sun, “Players fully understand the need to save money and buy.

“But with any arrangement like this, they want to make sure their money is used directly to help the club.

“Let’s just say it wouldn’t be too well received if players took a pay cut to help pay the bills, then Chelsea went out and splashed a fortune on new players when the next transfer window opens. “


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