Chelsea players “cried on the floor” when Jose Mourinho left in 2007, reveals Steve Sidwell


Steve Sidwell revealed that the players in the Chelsea locker room “were crying on the floor” when they learned that Jose Mourinho had left the club in 2007.

Mourinho has been an eye-opener since joining the Blues in 2004 and after winning five major trophies, he has become one of the most wanted managers in the world.

But on September 20, 2007, Mourinho and Chelsea separated due to a number of disagreements with club figures.

Jose Mourinho surprisingly left Chelsea in September 2007 after a bad start to the season

Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard would have been particularly moved when he revealed that he was leaving

Jose Mourinho’s departure from Chelsea at the start of the 2007-08 season left players like Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba (right) “on the ground in tears”

Steve Sidwell (right) was in the Chelsea team at the time and admits to being stunned

Steve Sidwell (right) was on the Chelsea team at the time and admits to being stunned

The club was then at a touching distance from the top of the table and the players were either stunned in silence or overwhelmed with emotion.

“I never felt that tension or thought he was in trouble,” said Sidwell to the Athletic.

“There were a few games before, we could see things in the press and it really bubbled. But you didn’t feel it inside. The players were all united, no one turned on him, he hadn’t lost the locker room.

A 1-1 draw at Rosenborg proved their last match in the first spell as Avram Grant (pictured behind the shelter, left) went from the club's football manager to Mourinho's replacement.

A 1-1 draw at Rosenborg proved their last game in the first spell as Avram Grant (pictured behind the shelter, left) went from the club’s football manager to Mourinho’s replacement.

“The day she left, I was driving my wife to the airport and the news came on the radio. I just thought, “S ** t, he’s gone. What’s going to happen? Then we were all called to a meeting in Cobham.

“It was embarrassing when Jose came to say goodbye to him. You could have heard a pin fall. It was like someone was dead. When you see strong characters like Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard and John Terry, either crying on the ground, or certainly springing up… I got angry too. It was really weird. ‘

The start of the season left owner Roman Abramovich worried as the club had an early fall in 2007-08 with a loss to Aston Villa, a draw with Blackburn Rovers and a 1-1 draw against Rosenborg in the League of champions at Stamford Pont.

As the stadium was far from complete for Rosenborg’s visit, Abramovich made the decision to withdraw Mourinho, leaving the players speechless when the Portuguese convened a meeting at their training base in Cobham to say goodbye in person .

Avram Grant, who had been named director of football earlier that summer, then assumed the position of manager in the absence of Mourinho.

Sidwell described how you

Sidwell described how you “could hear a pin falling” when Mourinho came to say goodbye

But it is the determination not to meet owner Roman Abramovich that Sidwell reveals to be a driving force behind the players who made it to the Champions League final in Moscow that season after his ruthless separation from Mourinho .

Sidwell lost his side, then the team, over the season and Grant implemented his own ideas for the midfield that did not include Sidwell after being replaced by Michael Ballack.

He always went to Moscow for the final and admitted the plane was “horrible” after the heartbreaking penalty shootout defeat against Manchester United, which had propelled them to the Premier League title weeks earlier to make matters worse. misery of Chelsea.


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