Chefs and Mahomes aim for record with NFL draft


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Leigh Steinberg is rightly focusing this week on the NFL’s three-day project, where new clients such as Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and teammate Jerry Jeudy will learn where they will start their professional career.

It won’t be long before Steinberg’s attention returns to his most prominent client.

After leading the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl championship in five decades, the quarterback Patrick Mahomes is finally eligible to sign a contract extension this off season.

And while there is no rush as Mahomes is only entering its fourth season in the league – and the chiefs could simply choose its fifth year option – the reality is that the two sides are eager to get along on what could be a record deal.

“We are not even worried about this,” Steinberg told the Associated Press recently in a large interview. “He is preparing for next season and it will understand how it goes. “

It seems reasonable. But for both parties, the benefits of reaching an agreement during the off-season far outweigh the benefits of restarting negotiations.

For the chefs, who ran into the salary cap, they would gain some certainty about future costs. Mahomes is only expected to earn $ 2.7 million this season under his rookie contract, but that number will increase significantly once the deal is signed. How much would help the organization plan what it hopes to be a Patriot-like dynasty.

For the record quarterback and his representatives, the extension would give them a big guaranteed salary before Mahomes takes over the field.

Remember when he dislocated his knee on a seemingly innocent quarterback in a game against Denver?

This made the backs of Chief Executive Officer Brett Veach and coach Andy Reid, but also Steinberg and his team, who would no doubt prefer an agreement before Mahomes risk reopening, shiver. hurt.

“Pat and his agent, Chris (Cabot) and Leigh, they know that Pat is a priority. Pat is not going anywhere, “said Veach. “Pat is going to be here a long time. I can never sit here and speak in definitive terms, so I cannot say that fifth grade will not be an option or anything like that. It would be difficult for me to see that we should use this. We think it’s a priority and when you have a great player, and that great player is a priority, it gets done. “

What the deal might look like is up for debate.

Several former officers and general managers who spoke to the PA believe the starting point is the Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson, who signed a four-year extension worth $ 35 million a year in new money, bringing his total compensation to $ 157 million over five years.

But the end point should be much higher: a five-year extension that overshadows $ 200 million in new funds, making Mahomes the highest-paid player in the league by reaching the benchmark of $ 40 million a year.

This would not be the first time that Steinberg, the inspiration for the film “Jerry Maguire”, has marketed. The agent negotiated Warren Moon’s contract at the top of the league in 1989, then managed Troy Aikman’s record deal in 1993, before helping Drew Beldsoe break the brand again with a 103 million blockbuster. dollars over 10 years before the 2001 season.

“Again, Pat is a priority. The way we see it now with everything going on, we’re going to have a lot of time to work on, “explained Veach before this week’s draft. It’s just hard to set a schedule exactly when and how it will work. But we know and I’m sure he knows it will be done and it will be resolved. “

In the meantime, the chiefs are doing everything in their power to keep Mahomes happy.

It means keeping a lot of help around him.

Despite their difficult financial situation, the chiefs brought back a wide receiver Demarcus robinson and back Anthony Sherman in free agency. They added swing tackle Mike Remmers to the offensive line, then hooked tight end Ricky Jones-Seals and the former Raiders back ByAndre Washington to provide even more pop.

“Pat is doing things you can’t train,” said Washington, who was teammates with Mahomes at Texas Tech, and who is expected to enter training camp as first aid for Damien williams. “Being able to play with and experience this during college was definitely a fun experience. “

Mahomes is a big reason why Remmers and Jones-Seals also signed up with the chefs.

“You watch his highlights every week,” said Remmers, “and you’re just like,” What the hell? Did he do it this week? And he did it next week? “Every week he always does something more creative. He’s a hell of a player, he moves very well, he throws the ball like crazy. He’s a hell of an athlete. I’m just very excited to meet him in person, to see what he looks like in the locker room and in the group, to see how he works there. “

One good thing for Remmers: the chefs plan to have him work there for years to come.


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