Checking the Falcons cap after signing Todd Gurley


Yesterday, the Falcons officially announced the signing of Todd Gurley, even if he has not yet taken physical, which seems to be a must given his history of injuries. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, teams are putting clauses in their contracts to protect them from such problems. Whenever the Falcons are allowed to perform a physical exam on Gurley, they will, and if something happens, the contract will be void. However, Thomas Dimitroff does not think it will be a problem.

Gurley’s deal is for a year and is worth $ 5.5 million with 500,000 additional incentives – a boon for a player who was an All-Pro in 2017 and 2018. Even though Gurley will always be a shell of what ‘It was once thanks to arthritis in his knee, it’s a win-win for the Falcons, who risk very little for what could bring a substantial reward. But now that we know the structure of his contract, we can estimate how much ceiling space is available and if there is potential for another addition of free agent before the start of the season.

Prior to the formal signing of Gurley’s signature, the Falcons had approximately $ 7.3 million of ceiling space, according to Over The Cap. This contract leaves them with less than $ 2 million to spend on the rest of the free agency. Of course, Atlanta will open around $ 11 million in ceiling space once the Desmond Trufant Cup becomes official on June 2. However, this money will be spent on their rookie class, and the remaining few million should be saved for signings throughout the season. So, unless the Falcons make a difference by restructuring the contracts, don’t expect any big additions anymore.

The most workable contract to restructure would be Julio Jones, and Atlanta could save a maximum of almost $ 8 million by doing so, which would give them room for maneuver for at least one other notable signature. The Falcons could also work on an expansion with a few candidates, but that seems less likely and would not save the team as much money.


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