Chase’s Shaun Wallace vows to beat competitor before discovery changes his mind


The Chase released a surprise for Chaser Shaun Wallace on Wednesday evening, minutes after making a harsh vow to a competitor.

Retired Royal Navy Warrant Officer Derek was one of four candidates to join host Bradley Walsh on Wednesday.

Bradley hoped he would do well by accumulating a decent amount in the cash generator, before preparing to face Shaun, the Dark Destroyer.

The 84-year-old also faced a tough battle because Shaun seemed determined to bring him down.

He said, “Hello sailor, goodbye Derek. “

Competitor Chase Derek turned Chaser Shaun Wallace around

But Derek immediately killed him with kindness and a confession that changed everything.

He replied, “Hello sir. Nice to meet you, and it’s great to meet another Chelsea supporter. “

Shaun’s face dropped completely and host Bradley was amazed to see him suddenly smile.

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Shaun Wallace de Chase was impressed by the candidate

Upon learning that they were on the same side, he quickly changed his mind and even gave advice to Derek.

He said to Bradley, “Shake his hand,” which he forced.

Shaun then went further, asking the host, “Give him a big hug, Brad. “

Shaun hoped Derek would make it to the next round, but he didn’t

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Although he was reluctant, Bradley had no choice as Derek suddenly threw himself against him.

As they prepared to start, Shaun said, “You are a tall man. I’m going to knock you out, but you’re a tall man. “

Then, as he offered different amounts in cash, he added that Derek was “too good” for the lower amount and “could make” the higher total.

Unfortunately, Derek did not reach the last lap after being caught by Shaun.

The Chase broadcasts weekday evenings at 5 p.m. on ITV.


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