Chase Young Moves To New Team In NFL Update Project


For months now, the vast majority of NFL simulation projects have an Ohio State defense Chase Young go No. 2 overall for the Washington Redskins. However, a recent simulation project on CBS Sports lost Young a place for a new team.
In his latest simulation project on CBS Sports, NFL analyst Jordan Dajani thinks Young will fall to the Detroit Lions with No. 3 overall pick as the Miami Dolphins climb to No. 2 and take the quarterback back. Tua Tagovailoa. Young is considered by a number of experts to be the most talented player in the repechage, so the first question would be why Washington would step down from a spot to write the incredibly athletic assists. Dajani thinks the Dolphins will offer the Redskins a deal they simply can’t pass up.
Chase Young is a generational pass-rusher, but the Redskins will have a good run down a few places while the Dolphins will secure their franchise quarterback, “writes Dajani. “Other teams may be interested in Tua, so the Dolphins will have to swap to make sure they get it. “
As for Young’s form in Detroit, Lions need help in high school. They would be very interested in another defender of the State of Ohio, the cornerback Jeff Okudah, at this location # 3. However, if Young falls on his knees after an exchange with the Dolphins, it would be surprising if they did not take the defensive end of the elite.
“The Lions could take a few players here who could have an immediate impact on their defense, but common sense says Young is the best player in the draft,” writes Dajani.
As for the team that took Young on most of the simulation projects – the Redskins – Dajani accompanied them from Okudah to strengthen their high school.
There are those who think Washington is too excited to add Young to its defense to trade out of second place. Last March, ESPD draft expert Todd McShay went to SportsCenter to talk about the possibility that the Redskins are negotiating against the good offer. McShay thinks the chances of this may be slim due to Washington’s height on the generational pass-rusher.
Chase Young is top talent in this year’s class, Ohio State defensive end, “said McShay on SportsCenter. “If he doesn’t make one – and I don’t think there will be one, I think the Bengals will take Joe Burrow, LSU quarterback – I think Young goes two to the Redskins. And I don’t think the Redskins will move because they love him so much. “
Everyone will see where Young goes when the 2020 NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 23.


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