Championship CEO calls for “total restart” in case of potential hammer blow for West Brom and Leeds


QPR chief executive Lee Hoos demanded that all levels of football in the UK receive a “total restart” to resolve the financial problems surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

All football in the UK has been suspended since mid-March, with bosses meeting regularly to formulate a plan for its recovery.

The EFL and the Premier League remain committed to ending the season, with a leaked letter from EFL President Rick Parry urging clubs to be ready for a quick turnaround once the decision is made.

However, Hoos has admitted that he would prefer to see the season canceled, with a full restart that would occur when supporters are allowed to attend.

It would be a move that would have devastating consequences for West Brom and Leeds United, who both seemed ready to finish promotion to the Premier League before the campaign ended.

In all likelihood, football will return behind closed doors, with teams from top to bottom of the football pyramid having to agree to survive without their usual return on match day. All this against the backdrop of financial forecasts suggesting that a number of lower league clubs could go bankrupt within months.

Hoos told talkSPORT: “I think football needs a full and complete restart at every level in terms of sustainability and where we are with player salaries.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. Where we are right now is terrible, we are trying to find ways to finance businesses in the future, but right now we are funding businesses from future earnings, so at some point you skip a cliff.

“In football, it’s about ‘not seeing beyond the next game’, but now we have to think long term.

“The crowd will not be there,” he added.

“People who paid 80% for a long time will not have the money to spend money on football and even if you can, it looks like the season will start late, which means that you are going to have more midweek games and they are known for poor crowds.

“It’s about looking to the future, making sure everything is in place for the future, but it’s a tough question for football because everyone is chasing this dream right in front of them. “


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