CBS uses FaceTime to create a new episode of drama “All Rise” during the COVID-19 pandemic


Apple technology and hardware continue to be a reliable solution for home entertainment creators during the shutdown of COVID-19. Now, CBS has announced that it will use FaceTime and other video conferencing platforms to create a virtual episode of its “All Rise” drama series.

As reported by The edge, “All Rise” will use FaceTime, Zoom and Cisco WebEx to create a new episode of the series while working from home and practicing social distancing. With all production happening remotely and on services like FaceTime, producers will create backgrounds using visual effects.

The series is in its first year and is a Los Angeles-based courthouse drama. This specific episode will feature “characters dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 shelter rules and how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the criminal justice system in this country”.

The episode is scheduled to air on May 4 on CBS, the company said.

In addition to filming the actors in their homes, a cinematographer will shoot (from a vehicle) images of the deserted streets of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Executive producer Michael Robin will direct the episode, which is being written and will air on May 4 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

Apple hardware and services have recently become a mainstay of remote delivery configurations. Last month, we looked at how Conan O’Brien uses an iPhone to shoot his show on TBS. Meanwhile, Al Roker presented his “Today Show” backyard setup on Instagram, powered by two iPhones and an iPad Pro.

Also of note: in 2015, an entire episode of Modern Family took place on a MacBook, with characters using FaceTime, iMessage, and other services to communicate.

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