Carragher leads former players as they turn on Liverpool against coronavirus


Former players Jamie Carragher and Stan Collymore turned to Liverpool after Premier League leaders became the fifth high-flying club to announce that they had laid off non-player personnel during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Palestinian Authority news agency understands that around 200 staff members, whose work was effectively inactive during the suspension of the Premier League, were affected by the decision.

Liverpool, which announced a pre-tax profit of £ 42 million for 2018-2019 in February, will supplement public funds received from the government to ensure that affected workers receive their full salary.

Liverpool are following Tottenham, Newcastle, Bournemouth and Norwich by turning to the government’s retention program during the suspension of the Premier League, a move that impressed neither Carragher nor Collymore.

Carragher retweeted the club statement and wrote, “Jurgen Klopp showed compassion for everyone at the start of this pandemic, with senior players heavily involved in @premierleague players taking pay cuts. So all that respect and goodwill are lost, poor this @LFC ”

Collymore was even more outspoken when he wrote, “I know of no Liverpool fan of any position who will be disgusted by the club for the furious staff.

“It’s just f ****** wrong.

“Dear football fans, the leave is for small business staff to keep these small businesses from bumping into each other!”

“Every Premier League owner has cash and makes money from soaring club values, so what don’t you get about YOUR owners diving into their pocket ? “

Former midfielder Dietmar Hamann then tweeted: “Surprised by the news that @lfc is taking advantage of the leave plan to claim 80% of the salaries of non-player staff from the government. This is not why the program was designed. Contrary to the moral and values ​​of the club, I got to know. “

The Liverpool announcement came as Premier League clubs met with player representatives and managers to discuss possible pay cuts for first team staff.

A statement from the Liverpool club said: “The club has confirmed that these staff will receive 100% of their salary to ensure that no staff member is financially disadvantaged.

“Last month the club also confirmed that it will pay its staff day and day during the Premier League suspension. “

In February Liverpool released its accounts for 2018-19, showing that turnover for the year was up from £ 78 million to £ 533 million, although profits fell compared to ‘previous year after a record investment of £ 223 million in gamers.

While their former heroes were not impressed with the club’s actions, a spokesperson for the Spirit of Shankly supporter group said he was in favor of the move to ensure that all employees receive their full wages.

“The starting point was when the competitions were suspended for the first time, we immediately contacted the club and made it clear that we expect all non-player staff to be treated fairly for the duration of the suspension”, the group told the PA news agency. .

“The club is committed to doing what it has always maintained.

“The use of the leave scheme maintains this commitment and ensures that all lower-paid staff who perform various contracts will continue to receive 100% of their salary. This should be seen as a positive. “

Discussions between the Premier League, the Professional Footballers ’Association (PFA) and the League Managers’ Association (LMA) over potential pay cuts are taking place on Saturday.

Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson has been at the forefront of discussions between Premier League club captains over a coordinated response from the players.

The Premier League said Friday that clubs will consult with players on salary cuts and deferrals representing 30% of salary.


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