Carole Baskin’s rise to millionaire television star after gang rape at 14 and first abusive marriage


Carole Baskin exploded on our screens alongside the dramatic character Joe Exotic in the mega-hit Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness of Netflix.

Represented as the tiger’s sworn enemy in the documentary, interviewees made explosive accusations about Carole, her new husband Howard and the Big Cat rescue sanctuary they continue to run.

Since the show was released, viewers around the world have criticized Carole for not being “different” from Joe and rumors have been circulating that she was involved in the untimely disappearance of her former husband.

But far from Netflix cameras and publications on social networks, which can hold the power to represent people in a certain light, what do we know about the life of Carole Baskin?

Born in Texas, Carole showed a passionate interest in cats from a young age and always seemed to want to work with them.

According to her story, Carole revealed that at the age of 14, she was raped with a knife by three men.

Carole is now married to Howard

At 15, she ran away from her conservative Christian family after they did not understand what had happened to their daughter.

During the documentary, she hinted that her family thought she “must have asked for it.”

She said that she ran away with a member of the rock band and that she lived on the street and in garages as a teenager, and at one point broke her neck in a car and claimed that she was paralyzed.

To this day, Carole claims that she does not know what happened to her second husband

Carole’s first marriage was to her boss Michael Murdock – who was eleven years older – whom she married at the age of 17 in 1979.

She said she “never liked him” but still married him.

According to her YouTube channel, Carole lived with her first husband in her mother’s loft in Tampa, Florida, before buying their house together.

In 1980, his daughter Jamie Murdock was born.

The tiger activist said her first marriage was incredibly violent, but she feared leaving her husband and raising a child alone.

Carole Baskin currently leads Big Cat Rescue

“He was Jamie’s father and he was extremely violent,” said Carole.

“But the idea of ​​leaving and having to raise a child myself was terrifying. “

Carole remembered that she “threw a potato” to her first husband before storming out of the house in January 1981 and it was that night that she met millionaire Don Lewis and spent the night with him.

Carole was 20 years old and Don was 22 years old when they first met and she left her first husband shortly after.

Don Lewis disappeared 21 years ago

She finally married the millionaire after he left his first wife and daughters for her.

The couple began raising lynxes and rescuing animals before founding Big Cat Rescue in 1992.

Throughout the documentary, it is understood that Don and Carole had different plans for the sanctuary for big cats, and he was more interested in the animal trade.

Carole is furious at how she was portrayed in Netflix’s Tiger King

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Don disappeared in 1997 and has not heard from him since.

Throughout the Netflix documentary, a number of cast members – including Don’s first wife – have suggested that Carole killed her husband and eliminated his body by feeding him from his tigers.

Since Carole was thrown into the spotlight, the police have reportedly gone deep into the disappearance of Don Lewis.

Police investigating the case said they had received a number of new pieces of advice and that they were investigating each.

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