Cards Against Humanity Launches New “Family Edition” in Printable Free Beta


Cards Against Humanity has announced a new family edition of its popular phrase-based card game, and you can download and print the public beta version of the game for free now.

You can download two beta PDFs: a 21-page PDF with small square maps and a 47-page PDF with larger rectangular maps. If you want to play, just print the PDF and cut out the cards.

Many ordinary cards against humanity are not suitable for most children, but the company says that this version of the game is designed “for people 8 years and older” and that the content is “PG rated”. The game has also been tested with families, according to Cards Against Humanity.

Even though the cards aren’t as adult as in normal play, the cards in this beta are still creative, fun, and often preposterous. And there are still “dirty” cards, although “shit” and “crazy” is about as bad as possible, “says Cards Against Humanity in a FAQ on the product site.

Cards Against Humanity plans to sell the game this fall, but wanted to let families who may be quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic play it now so that they “have something to do besides giving more money at Disney Corporation. “


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