Capone trailer: Tom Hardy turns into a wild gangster


the Chronicle and The Fantastic Four director Josh Trank is back, this time with a film about the sunset years of the notorious gangster Al Capone.

Tom Hardy plays Capone, who suffers from syphilis and his family’s mistrust after his 11-year sentence at the American penitentiary in Atlanta. The trailer features the deterioration of the once-alive gangster as he walks through his house, as well as government efforts to put him back behind bars.

Linda Cardellini plays Al’s wife Mae, and Jack Lowden plays the FBI agent with the intention of putting Capone back in jail. Matt Dillon, Noel Fisher and Kyle MacLachlan co-star.

The film, originally titled Fonzo, is due out on VOD on May 12, Trank proclaiming on social media that it is ” [his] Cut. Trank also noted that the film was originally planned as a theatrical release and that a big-screen release could take place later this year.

Check out the trailer, which Trank posted on Twitter, below:


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