Cancellation of Cannes looms as France extends ban on festivals until mid-July


The festival hoped to host this year’s event in late June.

It is very likely that the Cannes Film Festival 2020 will be canceled after French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday new measures extending the national foreclosure of coronaviruses in France and banning all public events, including festivals, until mid -July.

In his televised speech, Macron said he was extending the country’s lockout until May 11. After this date, France expects to be able to provide masks to all of its citizens and to have the necessary equipment to test anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. After May 11, France plans to gradually reopen certain businesses and public institutions.

But Macron made it clear that it would take a while for the country to return to normal.

“Bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, cinemas, theaters, concert halls and museums will remain closed at this stage,” he said, noting that festivals and other busy events will be banned until mid -July.

It could be the death blow for the 73rd Cannes Film Festival.

This year’s festival has already been pushed back from its original dates from May 12 to 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic. But festival organizers have so far refused to cancel it, hoping that the Cannes Film Festival 2020 could be held from late June to early July.

Macron’s new regulations seem to make this impossible. A departure at the end of July for Cannes could prove to be impractical, because it would mean just a month between the French event and the Venice International Film Festival, scheduled for the end of August.

International industry is already working on the assumption that Cannes will be canceled this year. Several large international production and sales companies, united around CAA, have offered to create an alternative virtual market so that companies can present new projects and show finished films if the festival is canceled.


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