Canada Post Warns Against COVID-19 Measures, “Unprecedented” Volumes Lead To Delays



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OTTAWA – It’s Christmas in April for Canada Post, which delivered more parcels last Monday than on most days leading up to the winter holidays. But it is a double-edged sword, because the flow of packages causes delays in delivery due to social distancing measures.

“People should expect delays. It may only last a day or two, but it can take several days depending on the origin of the package as it progresses through our facilities, “Canada Post spokesperson Jon Hamilton warned in an interview.

The reasons for the new delays are twofold.

First, the crown corporation faces an “unprecedented” volume of packages for the month of April.

“We have seen an increase in growth in the past few weeks, and are now more than 30% larger than we would normally supply. Last Monday, we delivered 1.8 million packages. These are the levels we would see as Christmas approaches, which is absolutely the busiest time of the year, “said Hamilton.

He said the state-owned company delivered 1.7 million packages the average day before Christmas. On the busiest day in Canada Post history, employees delivered 2.2 million packages.

“Christmas is the time of year we plan to start in January,” he said, when there was little or no time to prepare for the rush this time.

Second, while the recent massive increase in parcel deliveries may sound like good news for the crown corporation – and in many ways – it also comes at a time when it is operating at reduced capacity.

This is because of social distancing measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.

As a result, there are fewer people who can work closely together at almost every stage of the delivery process, from the arrival of shipments in Canada to home delivery.

It was certainly difficult


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“First, there is a physical distance on the docks. In addition, our processing plants are not designed to keep people two meters away. For example, a line that used to have two people working to move faster now has only one person at certain stops. And then, when you’re loading equipment into vehicles, you can’t have more than one person in this confined space, “said Hamilton.

Canada Post has also noticed an increase in other risks to its postal workers, such as an unusually high number of incidents involving animals during deliveries. The main culprits are obviously dogs, which are left outside longer or walked more frequently, as most Canadians stay at home.

“It has certainly been difficult, it is a period of concern for everyone. So far so good, but at the same time it is taking longer to process and deliver, so we want to be at the forefront with Canadians and let them know that it will take longer to get their items because we put safety first, ”said Hamilton.

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