Canada is working to produce up to 30,000 fans across the country: Trudeau


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government is partnering with a handful of Canadian companies to produce up to 30,000 fans – essential equipment in the battle against COVID-19.

“To keep our frontline workers safe and to care for Canadians with COVID-19, we need a sustainable and stable supply of these products, and that means making them at home,” he said. he stated during his new daily briefing outside the Rideau Cottage in Ottawa.

“We are working with Thornhill Medical, CAE, Ventilators for Canadians, and a group led by StarFish Medical to produce up to 30,000 Canadian-made ventilators.”

Trudeau said the government is also working with astrophysicist and Nobel laureate Art McDonald, whose team of scientists are trying to create an easier process for making fans.

Trudeau’s fan announcement follows 3M’s announcement that it has entered into an agreement with the United States government to allow the export of N95 masks to Canada.

The Humber River Hospital ventilator is one of some 1,300 in Ontario. Companies are asked to shift gears and assist in the manufacturing of the equipment. (Craig Chivers / CBC)

The deal came after Canadian officials worked over the weekend to overturn the U.S. decision to invoke the Defense Production Act to force the Minnesota-based company to prioritize U.S. government orders for masks N95, also called particle vacuum cleaners, at the expense of foreign orders.

However, it is not yet clear what this agreement means for exports of other essential equipment, such as gowns, gloves and respirators.

Last week, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, Anita Anand, said that the Canadian government had ordered nearly 1,570 fans and was looking to secure thousands of others.

Data compiled by CBC News / Radio-Canada suggests that Canada has a total of 7,752 fans in all provinces.


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